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Hangzhou FA Qi Clothing Co., Ltd. (Nuo Shiqi)    No Member

 Hangzhou FA Qi Clothing Co., Ltd. (Nuo Shiqi) Brand
Business Model

Hangzhou FA Qi Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. It was moved from Humen to Hangzhou by the Korea Tianyi international fashion group (Hongkong) Industrial Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1995. FA Qi dress is a professional women's clothing enterprise based on design, production and marketing management. The company has two brands of "Nu Shi Qi" and "Tianyi".

At the end of 2005, the brand of "no poetry" began its monopoly business in the whole country. Relying on high quality products, advanced production technology, increasingly perfect marketing system and professional marketing solution, many brand counters and franchised stores have been established in China.

In the future business, the company will expand the national brand counters, exclusive store outlets and investment promotion again, providing good business space for franchisees, and building the brand of the women's clothing with the vitality of the times and the core competitiveness of the market.

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Contact:   Mr. Peng
Addr:        No. 48, nine Ring Road, nine town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang