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Marco Bani Garments Co., Ltd. (McCann Bonnie) Brand
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Marco Bani Garments Co., Ltd. is located in Taihu, the canal of the river, near the town of Zhili children -- Civilization -- Chinese childen's garments. Since the establishment in 2003, through 8 years of operation, now has the job of production staff of 200 people, with annual production capacity of 3000000 sets (pieces), fixed assets of over 10 million yuan of medium-sized children's clothing production enterprise, the company set design and development, production, marketing, sewing administrative management, financial settlement in one, adopt scientific management system, humanized management principle, in order to serve each product, each customer.

There are 2 small mushroom company

LOGO, very cute. From the "mushroom girl" inspired, meaning free, innocence and happiness, representing small friends to shop free experience Mccann product of fun, a great and a small two mushrooms, the meaning of life inheritance, maternal, two small bees implication of our company's philosophy "I kenbang you"

design stems from the current trend, the development direction of reference of Japan and Korea fashion, fusion the children naive, lovely pursuit of elements. The development of a bold, environmental protection type color series, urban doll series, Japanese and Korean mini series, implanted model of cotton cloth to health for the purpose of, at present the latest environmental activity staining method using the cotton fabric, with soft and comfortable wearing, sweat absorbent, breathable, hand photosensitive cleanliness is very strong, color characteristics beautiful, strong fastness, set in the above characteristics, we pay more attention to environmental protection, health production purpose, hold to every customer responsible attitude, our each product all the use of cotton fabric production to ensure that the natural day surface properties, protecting the health of every customer.

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