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DESCENTE sports shoes in Japan. The joint venture between Japan's Desanto Co. and Japan Itochu Commercial Co., Ltd. is a Sino Japanese joint venture specializing in the production and sale of fashion sportswear. With the rapid growth of China's economy and the continuous pursuit of consumers' quality of life, many famous international sports apparel brands are coming in all directions. With the huge market potential, Jiangsu Desanto limited, a strong joint venture, will take advantage of the investment companies and introduce the famous Japanese sports brand DESCENTE, which has a long history and excellent quality, into China. The aim is to make Chinese sports fans enjoy the pure relaxation and comfort of sports through the high quality sports products through pleasant sports lifestyle, thus promoting and promoting the steady development of sports. Jiangsu Desanto Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2003 by Jiangsu Bosideng Limited by Share Ltd, Itochu fiber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The production base of Jiangsu Desanto Co., Ltd. in Changshu has four floors, with a total area of more than 6400 square meters, with 500 skilled workers and experienced management backbone. It provides solid foundation and guarantee for the launch of new products. The sales headquarters in Shanghai now has three major commercial operation departments, namely, the commodity planning department, the sales department and the marketing department, which are responsible for the planning and design of commodities, the development and management of retail channels and the promotion and promotion of brands. The management personnel of the company are young and lack of experience. They have accumulated considerable experience in their respective fields of work, and are full of optimism and confidence in the market entry of new brands. Jiangsu Desanto Limited is about to launch the DESCENTE high-end fashion sportswear series in mainland China. Based on the research and development capabilities of Desanto's strong professional functional sportswear, the series inherits its high technology functional fabric and advanced three-dimensional cutting concept, which fully fits the requirements of sports enthusiasts on clothing's functions, fabrics and styles. The constantly innovating and high-quality DESCENTE sportswear will integrate functional, scientific and practical, and provide products with comfort and fashion sense for consumers. The products that were first promoted in Shanghai and Nanjing were mainly fashion sportswear and accessories such as shoes and bags, covering sports apparel series such as basketball, volleyball, running and baseball, to meet the different needs of sports enthusiasts.
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