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Zhejiang Chu people Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou City, Nissan suits, casual wear more than 3000 sets / pieces. At present, the company has the clothing CAD (Computer Aided Design System) of the US GGT company, the Japanese straight fabric pre shrinking machine, the Italy Roddy Automatic full ironing line, the German Connie's binder, Germany's DUP, Japan's heavy machine sewing line and other world-class production equipment, which laid a solid foundation for the quality of our products. The company invites the senior designer and craftsmen in China, and combines the regular feedback from the European and American designated agencies. The product development is quite powerful. It keeps pace with the international trend and guides the domestic fashion. I believe our development efforts can provide a strong guarantee for the sales of your products. The company has dozens of years of experience of skilled workers, the collection of domestic and foreign famous accessories manufacturers information and resources.

"China is not short of clothing, and China is the leading fashion garment manufacturer." For many years, people's company has been doing simple processing and not paying attention to the design of clothing. It is in this process of OEM processing for others that the clothing business has grown up. After years of honing, we are fully capable of changing OEM into ODM, leading the fashion trend of Chinese men's wear.

"Create a fashion dream for every customer and create the highest value for every customer". This is the promise of costumes.

Western-style clothing is a noble garment. It has been going on for hundreds of years. It is because it is the accumulation of culture and a symbol of nobility and taste.  

But the suit is also constantly innovating, and the choice of fabrics, materials, and even buttons shows fashion.

Although western clothing enterprises are everywhere, there are not many products that can produce high-grade products. The product positioning of the costumes is to provide clothing and brand processing services for well-known garment manufacturers both at home and abroad. At the same time, it provides high-end men's suit production services for Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions.

"We are not ordering anything. We are not waiting for others to choose, but we are also choosing partners who share the same language."

Honesty is the foundation. Honesty is the foundation of the initial business and the backbone of the Enterprise Building.

Innovation is the soul. Innovation culture is the core of initial culture. We carry out three innovative activities in Enterprises: cultural innovation, technological innovation and mechanism innovation. Encourage innovation, allow failure, but do not allow conservatism and intolerance of mediocrity.

Only the first. Contention is the only goal of being a man and being an enterprise. It is the constant pursuit of every employee to do the best, perfection and excellence in every job.

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