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 Zhejiang Cixi Zhonglian Plush Co., Ltd. Brand
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Company introduction l Cixi Zhonglian Plush Co., Ltd. is located in the southern part of Hangzhou bay south of Zhejiang Bay, Cixi City, east of Ningbo, and west to. l. The predecessor of Zhonglian Plush Co., Ltd. is the Zhongxing plush factory, which was founded in 1995. In 10 years, the Chung Hsing plush factory has developed from a small factory with only a few circular machines to a large enterprise with assets of hundreds of millions. It relies on the joint efforts of all the staff and the support of our customers. What's more, the director Lu Jianhua, general manager, two brothers of the two brothers, is a fine and sincere, solidarity and cooperation concept. l specializes in producing various kinds of toy velvet, clothing fabrics, collar hair, Li Zimao and all kinds of shoe materials. Zhejiang Cixi Zhonglian Plush Co. Ltd., Zhejiang, Cixi, China. Now there are 284 loom looms, 13 finishing lines, and an annual production capacity of over 1500 million meters, which is one of the largest plush production enterprises in Cixi. The company has big fur and small fur.
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Contact:   Lu Jian Meng
Addr:        No. 144-146, Zong Han Road, Zong Han Town, Cixi, Zhejiang