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 Dongguan jiwanfeng packing material Co., Ltd. Brand
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Dongguan jiwanfeng packaging material Co., Ltd. has a new type of 160CM Shanghai Shuguang vacuum winding aluminum plating line and 110CM's Chengdu Nan Guang vacuum winding aluminum plating production line, Hangzhou's "Dahua" company's CNC thin film cutting production line, high-speed coating production line and other related matching facilities. The company mainly produces all kinds of PET mirror mask, PET semi transparent aluminized film, PET aluminum plated film (wire coated aluminum film, matte aluminum plated film, all kinds of dyed aluminum film, wire drawing film, wire drawing gold and silver), PVC aluminum plated film, BOPP aluminum plated film, laser film, various kinds of electrochemical aluminum (Tang Jinzhi) and other products, at the same time, it also accepts aluminum plating, dyeing, cutting and processing business. Products are widely used in electronics, food, daily necessities, medicine, labels, gifts and other industries packaging and printing, as well as automotive glass protection, building decoration and other fields. ...
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Contact:   Hong De Xi
Addr:        Dongguan Wanjiang new village old Ning Ji industrial area