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Brief introduction of Anhui Hefei Wandu Trade Co., Ltd., the company is a comprehensive operation window of Anhui's foreign trade. It has maintained long-term cooperative relations with more than 30 manufacturers and has a first-class domestic production and marketing enterprise. Machine, Japanese flat knitting machine, TCG ribbed machine, T211 cotton wool machine and so on. Most of the sewing equipment is Nissan, including Japanese flat four or five Japanese line high pack, Japanese double needle, three pin series, buttonhole machine, button sewing machine and so on. The production capacity is strong, and the monthly output of knitting and sewing can reach 30-40 or so. It can undertake all kinds of knitted fabric underwear, garment products, suit suits, trousers, casual suits, windbreaker, semi coat, professional wear, children's wear, shirts and cotton padded clothes, and has a large production quilt production base. The monthly output can reach three sets, one hundred thousand sets of exquisite workmanship, reliable quality and timely delivery. The equipment is advanced and the function is complete. The knitting equipment has Italy TOHN single side circle. Our company technology.
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Contact:   Zhang Yun
Addr:        Room 105, textile building, 128 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui