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 Shenzhen win Tang Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shenzhen win Tang Garments Co., Ltd., located in the Hakka town of Longgang District, Shenzhen, has a beautiful environment. Win Tang is a clothing company specializing in the production, processing, making and selling of cotton and flax. Win Tang professional design, customize, process, produce and sell all kinds of high-grade cotton and linen garments, including a series of Chinese cotton and linen garments, cotton and linen garments, European and American wind, cotton and linen garments. It can produce all kinds of cotton and linen garments in long-term processing, processing, OEM and contract making. The win Tang costume design has unique experience and technology for the fine design and production of cotton and linen garments, and the later stage treatment of water washing. With the leading technology of cotton and linen fabric processing, the quality and color fixing of cotton and linen has reached a new height.

Winning Tang now has a complete and scientific quality management system. So far, it has in-depth cooperation with nearly 1000 domestic companies, and has established good cooperation with high-end celebrities, including celebrities, business executives, industry elites, government officials, etc., to win customers' unanimous praise. Win Tang's integrity, strength and product quality were recognized by the industry.

"Elegance and simplicity, individuality without publicity" is the fashion design style advocated by winning Tang. Its design inspiration and idea originate from the healthy and comfortable life that is close to nature and return to nature under the theme of the original ecology. Tang has been making great efforts to popularize the world's Chinese cotton and hemp life brand.

The best quality, healthy, natural and comfortable cotton linen is chosen as the main fabric, and the design of clothing and accessories comes from traditional Chinese painting, ink painting, printing and poetry. Antique flower buttons, meticulous hand rolling, standing collar, lucky flower, embroidery and other design elements are all extracted from the essence of Chinese traditional culture, winning Tang costume as a heritage and carrier, carrying the traditional value of Oriental multiculturalism, and putting people's experience and unique Chinese cultural characteristics into life and taste.

The high-end custom brand "win Tang" is inspired by natural clothing, cotton and linen texture, refined and comfortable, and physical and mental pleasure. We firmly believe that fashion is not armed, and the trend is from me, not blindly and following. Instead of losing yourself with the tide, you might as well start your dream and win in yourself, aftertaste in the Han and Tang Dynasties.

Address: Keng Tong Hakka Town, Shenzhen Longgang District, win Tang design studio
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Chinese clothing, Tang suit, Qipao, Sen female series, cotton and linen garments, Western-style clothes, advanced customization, brand processing.
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Contact:   Qu Ying Ying
Addr:   Guangdong   Shenzhen   Shenzhen Longgang District Buji Street Gan Keng community Eru 18 Gan Keng Hakka town