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Our company is a professional printing and dyeing of textile printing and dyeing enterprises, has many years of experience, hope with your company to establish relations of cooperation with your company, expand domestic and foreign markets, welcome you to our company guidance and inspection, thank you! The company is a set of printing and dyeing flower type development, fabric and accessories sales, textile printing and dyeing processing (knitting, woven fabric printing; cotton, TC type bedding fabric printing; burnt; linoleum cloth, mesh cloth, non-woven cloth, swimsuit fabrics printing), a comprehensive enterprise of home textiles, decorative cloth, shoe materials fabric heat transfer printing and dyeing and finishing as a whole, affiliated factory has imported more than a round, flat screen printing machine and a full set of imported dyeing and finishing equipment and
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Contact:   Li Haibin
Addr:       Foshan Zhangcha three Road Village No. 119