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Dongguan Chenghe special thread Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Professional production and sales: 1: all kinds of aramid fiber, high strength polyethylene safety rope, with the track rope, glass factory security ribbon, fireproof and high temperature resistant string line, special elastic tape 2: the agent of domestic, import of aramid 1414 (Dupont Kaif La) filament, 1313/1414 fibre sewing thread, strong fiber, glass fiber. 4: to undertake R & D, production of various kinds of aramid 1313/1414 fire sewing thread, aramid (Kevlar) fire, fire rope, ribbon kite line, Valet development. The company founder has been the spirit of "quality first, reputation first, customer first, service first" purpose, all products by the clothing, leather goods, footwear, handbags, bags, jewelry, toys, sporting goods and other industries the customer's favor and trust, so the two sides make has a good and close cooperation.
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