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Dongguan City Fu Yao Industrial Co., Ltd. Brand
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Fotmste? Comfortable Kang? Dongguan Fuyao founded in 2000 March, manufacturing experience in garment shoe industry has many years of material. Professional R & D, production. Sales: insoles, foot care, sports equipment accessories factory. Fotmste? Comfortable Kang? In order to meet the different needs of customers, adhere to innovation is the soul, the development is the hard truth policy. Adhere to the practice of environmental protection constitution principle, adhere to the concept of sustainable, scientific use of biomechanical design, analysis of the characteristics of foot movement force, combining the process China production technology, the new product of unremitting efforts and pragmatic innovation, foot care. The realization of the industrial service institutions of scientific research and development, production, sales integration. Fotmste? Comfortable Kang? Supply industry product foot care category: EVA insoles, Foam insoles, GEL insoles, PORON insoles, 3/4 insoles, insoles, silica gel
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Contact:   Zhu Min
Addr:       Guangdong Ingles industrial zone of Dongguan Liaobu Zhen Lu Zhu Yuan