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The birth of spring machinery Limited by Share Ltd (SEEDCHAN) Founded in 1997, in the production of trademark cutting and folding machine to enter the world market research and development of all kinds of trademark, trademark cutting and folding required models, accumulated technology and experience of many years, companies providing the best solution. "Trademark cutting and folding machine" as the hydergine Quan machinery main products line. At present, with special type, and at the same time, the introduction of foreign technology R & D improvement leads the world, has a number of design patents, products by domestic and foreign manufacturers trust and affirmation, marketing major areas of the world. The birth of spring machinery uphold a pragmatic spirit, customer and technology oriented, and constantly improve the situation in the market share, at the same time, adhere to product quality and after sale services, give customers the best guarantee in order to. In the business environment vary from minute to minute, hydergine Quan machinery with professional solid foundation, the combination of technology and technology trends, continue to grow, as a trademark industry customer service efforts. Total market use amounted to more than 50%, the machine in the design of each part of the adjustment is simple and convenient. The most characteristic is the length adjustable trademark patent design, no need of any tools, simple operation.
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