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Fuzhou Rong Yun Trading Co., Ltd. Brand
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Rong Yun children, founded in 1994, is headquartered in Fuzhou City, the west side of the Straits, as the largest children's wear brand agency operators, is committed to Chinese top outstanding children's wear brand trust company. In Fuzhou children's clothing market as a starting point for development, to witness the fluctuation and waves break China childen's garments market economy development of the industry. Ficus rhyme with the brand trust our years of experience, a huge market network, professional knowledge and managed, won the majority of consumer recognition, excellent reputation has already let Rong Yun has become the industry leader!!! Vision of excellence, the children feel and attention to the forefront of fashion to grasp, become the key to the success of Ficus rhyme. In twenty years, Rong Yun has agents Jintong king, Fanapal, Yibei, smiling, sail, nine years old half, card can not be likened, Moomin, open sesame, cloth grass people, Tatar, smile of heaven and earth, the stone scissors cloth, the little prince twenty several domestic outstanding children's wear brand, and have own brand
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