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Hebei Cangzhou garment factory Undertake garment processing Hebei Cangzhou garment factory existing lathe worker 180 much people, next to the Cangzhou port of Huanghua, south of Qilu, North soil Beijing Tianjin high-speed, 2 hours drive from Beijing, convenient transportation, logistics flow. The factory has perfect quality assurance system, strict implementation of inspection, cutting raw materials into the factory inspection before, semi-finished goods inspection, finished product inspection, factory inspection and other five test. The main production plant down jacket, cotton padded clothes, sports wear, jacket, trousers, domestic customers for Yabao Road, Sau, Bairong and Beijing Wen businesses. Tianjin export customer for many foreign trade companies, production of the products are exported to Japan, Canada, Russia, the European Union and other countries, American. Since the plant, to the integrity of the work attitude, excellent product quality, to win customer satisfaction, establish a good corporate image. Intends to seek processing factory friend, can contact details, see the factory! Thank you! Beijing Office
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Contact:   Liu
Addr:       Hebei Cangzhou Huanghua city Hebei Province