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 Beijing silver collar fashion garments Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Silver collar Fashion Clothing Co., Ltd. is a clothing company integrating design, production, sales work clothes, uniforms, men's and women's clothing, logo clothes, protective clothing, various hotel costumes and school uniforms. The garments produced by our company are fashionable, reliable, reliable, timely delivery and competitive price to performance ratio. They have won high praise from all sectors of the market. Our main products include office wear, business uniforms, hotel uniform, hotel uniform, school uniform, catering uniform, hospital uniform, etc. Our company has always been people-oriented, focusing on the training of talents, and promoting the growth of human resources, so as to ensure that employees have high quality ideas. After more than 10 years of development, we have accumulated rich experience in design and production. Every garment produced by our company has gone through complicated procedures: Development - Design - fabric - plate - cut - cloth - Seal - on - line - quality inspection - warehousing - delivery, in this series of processes, in order to ensure first-class products.
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Contact:   Hao Guo Feng
Addr:        Beijing Daxing Beijing Daxing District old town Guangde 5 Guangde