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Shanghai Yu Xin Clothing Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shanghai Yu Xin Clothing Co., Ltd. is a regular company approved by the administrative department of the industrial and commercial bank. Is a professional production of various kinds of uniforms (such as administrative suits, clothing exhibition, office occupation, ceremonial dress uniforms, hotel uniforms, hotel uniforms, bathing suits, miss KTV, sister factory clothing, work clothes, school uniforms, service, hospital service, business promotional clothing, T-Shirts, and various coverings, tablecloth etc.) the famous OEMs, products widely used in various large. In. Small hotel, hotel, KTV entertainment, spa, shopping malls and other industries. Our company is a garment enterprise which integrates design, production and sales. With a complete set of advanced CAD systems, from computer design, print, to...
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Contact:   Mr.Wang
Addr:       Room 204, No. 7, No. 490, Jingyuan Road, Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District, Shanghai