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 Hesheng Jewellery Co., Ltd. Brand
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(Hesheng and luxury recycling center) high price recovery of luxury goods, recycling of name list, recycling of name bags, recycling of diamonds, gold recovery, jewelry recycling, platinum recovery, white gold recovery, Cordyceps recovery, sea cucumber recovery, bird's nest recycling, velvet antler recovery and recycling, to the ho Sheng and luxury recycling center, professional high efficiency faction and Sheng and your recycling experts! Website:, our company is a regular company refusing to recycle valuables from unknown sources. Professional high priced second-hand watches recycling: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger Le Coulter, Baoji, Earl, Cartire, OMEGA, universal, Rolex and other professional high priced second-hand brand bag recycling:...
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Contact:   Manager Li
Addr:        Huayu shopping center 12 floor 1211 national chain door to door recycling