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 Beijing Sun Kai Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
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Beijing gentry Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. Located in Daxing District Industrial Park, it is adjacent to China Aerospace Science and Technology Research Institute and Nanyuan airport. Our company is engaged in designing, producing, processing and customizing all kinds of garments, such as fashion, engineering, suits, shirts, jackets, neckties, hats, shoes, security, cleaning, antistatic, acid proof, beauty care, nurses, body fitted cotton shirts, T-Shirts, cultural shirts, advertising shirts, Qipao, hotel clothing, leisure wool products, cashmere fur and other garments. At present, we have cooperation with the company: North China Petroleum, Chile chemical mining (Europe) Co., Ltd., contemporary commercial buildings, Hong Gu wooden furniture, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing peck International Advertising Co., Ltd., Beijing...
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Addr:        No. 6 South 4 Street, Daxing District Industrial Park, Beijing