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The 20 year old factory is committed to working with designers to fulfill their whims. The advanced and perfect manufacturing process and various methods of surface treatment reflect the unremitting efforts and pursuits of Jinma people for perfection. Main camp real estate decoration decoration sculpture, indoor and outdoor neoclassicism, art sculpture, garden sculpture, landscape sculpture, campus sculpture, animation, sculpture, cartoon sculpture, fountain sculpture, Rome column sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, all kinds of style relief, resin technology, all kinds of material flowerpot, simulation and stone mountain type garden works, as well as the Golden Horse unique bronze art. (welcome to our website to learn about our 20 years of growth experience). Afactorythathas20-year-longhistoryareworkingwiththedesignerstocreatetheirwonderfulideas.Ouradvancedandperfecttechnicsaswellasourvarioussurfacetreatmentsarereflectingthejinmahuman 'sunremittinghardworkandpursue.Ourmainproductsareconstructivesculptureseries, neoclassicalseriesforinteriororouterior, artssculptureseries, gardeningsculptureseries, sightsculptureseries.Campussculptureseries, animalorplantsculptureseries, cartoonsculptureseries, fountainsculptureseries, Romecolumnsculptureseries, stainlesssteelsculptureseries, fountainsculptureseries,
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Contact:   He Jia Wei
Addr:        Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, Guangdong, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, new town, Baiyun District, Shima (summer flower two roadside)