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Shenzhen South Asia Garment Co. Ltd. Brand
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South Asia industry limited company is Hongkong Nanyi group under the department specializes in domestic brand clothing company, there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of sale discount brand clothing every year, also have a lot of hair to undertake domestic orders, raw material play half off calculation, a large motor and all kinds of full automatic, semi automatic needle loom, complete. We has been more than 20 years for the world large brand to do OEM production, quality first-class. There are a number of first-class designers, quarterly, will launch a number of new businesses and sampling and processing for. Export inventory (children's clothing, male, female fashion leisure) from 15 yuan. Welcome the business contact us. Address: South Central Industrial Zone of Huian County of Fujian Province Zip code: 362100 Telephone: (0595) 87323002 Fax: (0595) 87327881 Mobile phone: 13905064733 Chen Liying Deputy General Manager
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Contact:   Miss Huang Liang
Addr:       Chengnan industrial zone of Huian County of Fujian Province