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Business Model
The company is a professional agent for high-end international men's clothing brand operation company. Its brand name is 1.: the brand of "ALEX MAN" (Chinese: Ellis Man & Wan Shi), created by Alex Man, President of Hongkong film and TV superstar, and the president of Wan Shi enterprise. Under the influence of Mr. Alex Man's celebrity effect, a hurricane of ten thousand hurricanes has been launched along the southeast coast of mainland China. 2. China general agent is authorized by the international brand promotion agency: Italy Warren Shendan (Hongkong) International Limited Co., Ltd., which originated in 1918, Italy's art and stylish nybus city and the century old brand named by surname named by the founder and several generations of Warren Shendan family brand. VOLENSIDANE., this company sincerely invites the national franchisee to create a great cause.
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Contact:   Mr. Zhu
Addr:        10 floor, Jin Ya Zhuang building, 26, Jiefang Road, Hangzhou.