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The Central Plains in Jin and Tang Dynasties are the source. Haze culture is spread all over the world. The integration of the Central Plains culture and haze culture in China has formed a unique culture of Minnan and the spirit of Minnan spirit, which is "love to fight and win". This spirit has guided and stimulated the source of the business idea of Weihong sporting goods company. Galloping market in recent ten years, brand building brilliant. Wei Hong Company has been developing and growing rapidly. Now it has a factory area of 22000 square meters, with more than 800 employees. It has international advanced production line equipment, professional sports apparel design and development team, and set up Weihong research and development center. Young designers are keen to predict fashion and fashion with keen wisdom, and create creative thinking with keen touch to develop a series of "Wei Hong" sports and leisure clothing that caters to consumers. Wei Hong business team has unique brand management ideas and constantly expand its market network. Wei Hong series is not only popular among consumers in China, but also can be exported to Europe and Asia, America and other countries and regions, laying the foundation for Weihong's goal of internationalization. In 2005, Wei hung, which has laid a solid foundation for its brand in the domestic market, fully introduced international advanced modern management experience and fully integrated the four integrated management ideas of development, production, logistics and sales, supplemented by a brand-new idea of brand dissemination and promotion, and stood on the soaring platform with a brand new attitude.
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Addr:        Weihong mansion, Peng Tian Industrial Zone, Shishi, Fujian Province