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 Lianhua garment factory, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou lightning sporting goods Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing and sales enterprise. The factory has an area of more than 15000 square meters. It has twenty years of experience in producing and managing all kinds of knitted and carding sports and casual wear. It has a high-quality garment professional research, design and enterprise management service team, equipped with advanced clothing equipment and original Japanese "Behringer" computer embroidery equipment, and implements professional quality certification system. It is the only professional clothing manufacturer with strong technical force and long history in Guangzhou. Since the establishment of the company, lightning has always been the production of "lightning brand" sportswear, shoes, socks, bags, hats and other products. It is loved by many customers. The company is very enthusiastic about public welfare and actively contributes to community education and philanthropy, and has high prestige in the society. "Serving the healthy life of mankind" is the purpose of the company. Under the guidance of this aim, the lightning company has not only sponsored several sports professional sports teams of our country, but also made a great effort for China's sports industry. The company's series of products has also become one of the first choice of costume for every college student sports meet. It is also the designated manufacturer of sportswear for many large group companies. At present, the company has set up more than 160 distribution points throughout the country. In 2001, the company was successfully registered in the United States.
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Contact information
Contact:   Zhang Feng
Addr:        No. 38, front street, Songbei Li temple, Luo Chong Chong, West Court, Guangzhou