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 Ningbo Luo Jing Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Ningbo Luo Jing Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is a professional manufacturer of shirts and professional wear in a design, production and operation. After years of hard work and support from our customers, I have gradually become an excellent company in our local brand and tooling industry. At present, I have established a long-term good cooperative relationship with many power, petrochemical, tobacco, machinery and other industries. We refuse to be mediocre and reject the "noble oil" type of professional clothing design. We are familiar with the whole process of social industrial development and the further refinement of social division of labor. We are clear about the mission of professional clothing, emphasizing the uniqueness of all kinds of professional clothing, and even the uniform of every enterprise has distinct characteristics, and takes scientific, rational and advanced as the basis of Luo Jing's clothing design. Therefore, we design a fashionable clothing that has distinct characteristics of the times.
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Contact:   Liu Xin
Addr:        No. 8, new ancestral hall Road, West Wu, Fenghua, Ningbo