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Mainly in the production of non-woven fabrics, production of thousand, production of PVC waterproofing membrane. The car floor, production of PVC coating advertising material cloth. Jianghai company as the province of private technology enterprises, with more than 1100 employees, covers an area of more than 90000 square meters, plant construction area of more than 45000 square meters, the national, provincial and municipal new product 10 only. A number of patents, the 2006 annual sales reached 10 billion yuan. My company in 2007 has increased three PVC production line, increase the intensity of investment, improve the dare, strengthen the integrity of service. 2008 is the Olympic year our company intensify to improve the grade of products, the civil floor leather coiled material, sports flooring, PVC floor mats, automotive leather, floor leather car, light box cloth, printing cloth, mold material, PVC waterproof materials, non-woven, hot-rolled non-woven, impregnation non-woven cloth, chemical fiber, to build a world-class brand, full force in the production of high-end products as the main body, strengthen the integrity of the service, is the Olympic Games year Zengguang luster! Winter to spring to spring in February. In 2009 the new year I hope with brand-new mental outlook to do everything, all-round build Jianghai brand, starts from the minor matter, whether 2009 how complicated, how difficult. Together we can climb courageously, the revitalization of enterprises, the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to greet the 60th birthday of the people's Republic of China! Saving energy and reducing commercial companies do a good job in 2009 quietly in the past, 2010 new year started, I company 2010 new year, increase investment efforts to improve the integrity of the enterprise, the Jianghai stronger, in 2009 June before the new land area of 43200 square meters, the new plant of 28000 square meters, 5 production workshop, a new input non-woven production line 8. 5 million yuan, and the investment PVC flooring production line 2 8 million yuan, increase efforts to update some of the old production line, a group of old lines, increase productivity and improve the quality of products, the quality and lay a good foundation. Review of 2009, spent in a crisis, Jianghai business have joy also sad, but my company facing the world financial crisis on enterprise economic development seriously affected, our Lord smitten, of his business establish confidence, combine the domestic and export products, increase investment to enhance the quality of dare and, in 2009 during the first half of the products export volume growth in a row, a steady increase in the product, so company in order to stabilize the domestic market and foreign demand of development, in 2010, increase investment, increase investment in setting the goal of policy, such as Premier Wen Jiabao said the [China's tomorrow is hope. In 2010, our company invested non-woven production line 8 are a high degree of automation, is the domestic first-class advanced technology and advanced equipment of production line, to save energy, reduce the cost based, less labor, energy saving and environmental protection advantages, in May this year put into production, on the basis of the original seven PVC plate production line, put two large production lines, equipment of the production line in the domestic leading, low input production in June this year, hope new and old friends to come to negotiate, thank you!
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Contact:   Shi Maoqing
Addr:       Jianghai Xia Lu Zhen Huang Tang Huan Xi Lu, Jiangsu Industrial Park, Wuxi China Jiangsu Jiangyin City No. 2