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Shanghai Bauer electromechanical Co. Ltd. Brand
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Shanghai Baohua Electrical Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, founded in 1994. The company is a comprehensive mechanical and electrical company with mechanical and electrical products sales and integrated logistics integration. The company has a modern quality control system, and all the goods need multiple strict inspection. At the same time, the company's perfect management system, including door-to-door delivery, free door-to-door debugging, training and after-sale tracking service, is truly customer centered, so that customers can feel relieved and secure. Now the company has become well-known enterprises in Shanghai agent: including Dalian machine tool plant, Tianjin first machine tool factory, Shanghai instrument factory, machine tool plant, Ningjiang machine tool Hebei Dongfeng Forging Machinery Co. Ltd. and Kunming machine Limited by Share Ltd. There are more than 240 companies with good cooperation with the company, and are increasing. The company has made good use of its sales network resources, rationally allocated, and reduced the cost of circulation from the root, so that customers can buy cost-effective mechanical and electrical products. Bauer commitment: let every direct users have become manufacturers of large customers!! All my colleagues in the company believe that in our efforts, the future will be more beautiful and bauer!
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