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Shenzhen Hongguang Abrasives Technology Co., Ltd. has the most advanced grinding technology, from mechanical principle, abrasive material chemical principle, to all kinds of products for professional study. According to different products and different requirements, we develop matching production processes, create the highest efficiency at the lowest cost, and combine the main products of the current industry to specialize, develop a series of quality products. In order to improve product yield, reduce product processing costs and increase the output of products, we have a complete set of programs, and we can provide human resources to your company free of charge. Our aim is to "take our sincerity and enhance your value". The products are as follows: polishing powder: diamond single crystal powder, diamond polycrystalline powder, diamond crushing material, nanometer two alumina, polishing agent: diamond polishing liquid, alumina polishing liquid, sapphire polishing liquid, silica polishing liquid, FUJIMI polishing fluid, Sumitomo powder, polishing pad: white polished leather, damping cloth, polishing cloth, polyamine polishing leather;?
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Contact:   Zhong Liang
Addr:        Guangdong Shenzhen Shenzhen Longhua New District East Ring Road, Zhongtai Industrial Park, 5 floor