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As the leader of domestic military leisure clothing, "Qishi single line" won the honor of excellent brand in the Great Hall of the people in 2008“ Since 1999, the company has been operating military casual pants. The products are excellent, rough and fashionable. In 2005, we successfully registered the brand "Qishi single line". In line with the principle of "quality first, honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and common development", Hangzhou Qishi single Clothing Co., Ltd. focuses on the management of fashion and leisure military uniforms. It mainly focuses on high-quality cotton leisure multi bag military pants. Children's wear, lovers' wear and sports casual wear have their own characteristics. They also provide leisure military clothing accessories, including T-shirt, vest, belt, leisure bag, shoes, cap, etc Pendant, accessories, etc. The design integrates military and leisure styles, advocates new urban leisure doctrine, and shows the harmonious beauty of "sunshine, personality, care and comfort" from body to heart. Keep pace with the times, open up and innovate“ Qishi single line always takes "customer satisfaction" as its eternal pursuit, and advances bravely with a new look and vigorous vigor“ Now there are many franchise stores all over the country; At the same time, the company is also actively exploring overseas markets, opening up a new era of clothing culture. Now some products have been exported to South Korea, Denmark, Saudi Arabia and other countries, deeply loved by customers. We firmly believe that as long as we work together, we will create a brilliant tomorrow. We will always walk in the forefront of the times! Design style It is designed for people who like outdoor activities, independent and individual. Brand positioning: Target customer group, suitable for 5-60 years old, love sports, like personality leisure crowd. Brand price: Product price positioning: to meet the needs of high-end consumers, and absolutely emphasize the fabric, accessories, cutting and quality of products. Brand culture: "Qishi single line" gathers the painstaking wisdom of all staff of the company. With the support of the vast number of outsourcing units and cooperative suppliers, the brand pursuit of "sunshine, innovation and care" can be realized. Brand objectives: There must be three strategic goals in the "odd world one way" strategy 1. Brand strategy stage( Occupy the market) 2. Multicultural development stage( Integrating with foreign designers) 3. International cultural development stage( Entering the international market) Our mission: Qishi's core competitiveness lies in the continuous supply of high-quality, high-quality and high-standard products and services expected by customers. We "Qishi single line" to continue to innovate, in the fierce market competition to become the leader in the clothing retail industry.
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Addr:        Qingtai business building, Qingjiang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou