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 Hangzhou Fei Tong Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
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Hangzhou Fei Tong Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, mainly engaged in casual wear, fashion underwear, fitness design, research and development, production and sales. The company is located in Hangzhou, a beautiful city with beautiful scenery, leisure life and strong humanistic atmosphere. The company has thousands of square meters of modern standard workshop, advanced production equipment assembly line, production capacity of tens of thousands of daily production. The company has six departments: the manager office, the production management department, the market development department, the marketing department, the market service department, the logistics transportation department and the finance department. Over the past few years, relying on strong production and sales capabilities and over a dozen provinces and cities across the country and hundreds of franchise networks, the company's clothing sales business is booming. Be on the upgrade. Italy EFFEPI company was founded in 1955, and launched the clothing brand FREE PRIDE/ in the same year. The company has a team of sharp eyed, broad-minded, fashionable and experienced designers. The target is located in the pursuit of comfort and freedom of vitality in modern women. The leisure, fashion, simplicity and sport of FREE, PRIDE/, have formed a collision between calm and sensibility, the fusion of classics and popularity, the intersection of sexuality and passion. The unique design style, soft and breathable natural fabrics, active and environment-friendly dyeing and finishing process, exquisite and unique sewing technology, show us the new fashionable, multi style and same color popular fashion combinations with Europe. In 2004, the same company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with EFFEPI company of Italy with its unique vision. It introduced the famous European fashion casual women brand FREE PRIDE/, and made a brilliant debut at the Beijing international fashion exhibition, winning the favor and joining of many domestic businesses. Jiang Peilin, the international model, has also become the spokesman for FREE PRIDE/'s domestic image. "Integrity, truth-seeking, innovation and development", the company, under the joint efforts of all the staff, is moving step by step along the established development strategy towards the goal of great glory.
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Contact:   Mr. Yang
Addr:        8 floor, Tong Bao commercial building, 10 North Ring Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.