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Zhengzhou Chuang Feng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. brief introduction of CFJG- single and double head laser cutting machine. Chuang Feng laser combines advanced technology with computer control, precision machinery, DSP digital control technology, USB data transmission mode and other high and new technologies. The self developed laser power supply adopts the frame structure of one body design, and its work is stable and reliable. The latest software supports seamless docking with AutoCAD, CORELDRAW CAD, CAM and various graphic processing software, and directly outputs the original graph. The first domestic network interface data interface and USB data transmission interface, support hot swap, data transmission instantly completed tasks, carving does not occupy computer resources, greatly improving user efficiency. You can also work offline without computer direct access to the USB. Chinese LCD display has friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation. Cavity sealed CO2 laser (in line with GB11748-89 standard) (optional RF tube laser) power: 80-180W (optional) laser tube cooling: pure circulating water cooling, energy regulation: 0-100% no segment control, software internal 0-100% adjustable control and drive: high speed DSP control, stepper motor high subdivision drive, engraving speed: the speed of the cutting of the accelerator: voltage: position accuracy: less than + + min minimum molding word: Chinese character, English alphabet, whole machine power: less than or less working environment: temperature: 0-45 degrees C humidity (no condensate). It is suitable for clothing, leather, carving, cutting, hollowing, trademark cutting, plush toys cutting, molding processing industries and other processing areas: 900x600mm 1300x900mm 1600x1000mm 1900x950mm and other types of laser: glass. 1, handicraft industry: wood, bamboo, ivory, bone, leather, marble shells and other materials, carved fine patterns and characters. 2, mainly used for large plastic cutting, double color plate carving, plexiglass (acrylic) carving and cutting, signboard engraving, crystal, trophy carving, authorization card carving, etc. 3, leather clothing processing industry: real leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth and fur are processed with complex graphic carving, cutting, carving and hollowing. Cutting, carving, surpassing fashion and personalities display in clothing, underwear, home decoration, gloves, handbags, shoes, caps, toys and car flower industry. 4, model industry: making sand table building model 5, and aircraft model, etc., ABC board cutting, multi-layer board cutting and so on. 6, packaging industry: engraving printing rubber plate, plastic plate, double-layer board, knife die-cutting knife plate and so on. 7, other industries: marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials, carving, marking, paper cutting, greeting cards and other paper cutting process. Welcome to see machine, consult and negotiate at any time. Contact: Li Wenfeng, Tel: 13460251036 qq:1044784820 Zhengzhou sales address: Zhengzhou East Central Road, Zhengshang road and West Fourth Ring Road intersection to the North kilometer road east iron furnace industrial area. There are 100 routes, 44 roads, 322 roads and 325 roads to get off at the Railway Village Station.
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Contact:   Wen Feng Li
Addr:        Henan Zhengzhou Zhongyuan District, Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, Zhongyuan District, West Fourth Ring Road and Zhengshang Road intersection north to 1 km road east