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In order to make your products affordable, you need not import from abroad, our company can meet your requirements.
Huizhou Xuan Li precision parts Co., Ltd., covering an area of 3000 square meters, is a company specializing in the production of electronic accessories products with the most advanced production equipment, with a number of high-quality professional technicians, the company in line with the quality of the first, the credibility of the paramountcy of the purport, to seek survival and development. Willing to meet customer requirements, on time delivery, and wholeheartedly serve your factory.
integrity is fundamental, service is the eternal theme, innovation is the source of life, and development is the driving force for progress.
  our factory mainly produces cotton pads, EVA pads, pads, foam pads, rubber pads, back force rubber pads, PE pads, insulation mats, cushions, pads, pads, foamed pads, flannelette pads, packing pads, protective mats, dustproof cloth, sound absorbent cotton,
pearl cotton, sea cotton, non-woven, mat products, PVC pads, Non woven fabric pads, sponge rubber pads, foam rubber, foamed cotton, foaming products, foamed rubber, foam products. Foam strips, foam materials, single side pads, dustproof nets, high foams, seal pads,
double-sided pads, rubber pads, EVA rubber pads, gaskets, gaskets, gaskets, sea cotton, sponge products, sponge products, sponge products, EVA Pads, pads, gaskets, gaskets, stamping mats, electrical sea cotton pads, wood paper pad products, mica pieces, silica gel pads,
non-woven cotton pads, electronic sea cotton pads, magic paste products, PVC products, stamping sea cotton pads, processing cotton pads, transparent pads, transparent antiskid pads, transparent protection mats, aluminum foil products, fast bar paper products, insulating products Furniture protection mats,
furniture antiskid pads, home mats, furniture mats, pearly mats, pearl cotton products, mouse pads, PE cap pads, beverage cap mats, EVA rubber particles, sponge / cotton particles, plastic particles, foam / cotton rubber, foam rubber, self adhesive particles, anti slip rubber,
shock proof rubber, insulating rubber pad, sponge / cotton packing box, foam EVA, PP Washer, dustproof filter net / cotton / cotton, furniture table and chair protection pad, sea cotton / tight sealing strip, felt mat, felt slip mat, wall peg cotton / cotton, sea cotton, sticker, cushioning cotton,
PEF cushion, self paste, O ring, Foam Sticker, Foam Sticker, iron fluoride pads, reflective paper mats, sponge pads, foam mats, make-up cotton, foam cotton products, flame-retardant, fireproof material Material products. The specifications, sizes and colors of all kinds of products of more than
can be made according to the requirements. The products are anti slip, shock absorption, cushioning, stickup, fixed, skidding, conductive, insulating, temperature resistant, wear-resistant,
flame retardant, pressure resistance, fire proof, waterproof, dust proof, shock proof, antistatic, sealing, astigmatism, shading, reflective, sound insulation and insulation. All products are in line with SGS standard and ROHS standard!
has been taking the product quality as the goal for many years, and continuously excavates and improves the quality of the main products. The technical quality has been the leading colleague, the delivery is fast, the price is reasonable, the customers are supported and helped by the customers, and

hopes to get more customers' help. Joint development of greater space for development.
our goal is to make common progress and common development with your support.
our commitment is to provide high quality products to customers at the lowest cost and accurate delivery time.
our expectation is - to welcome your inquiries at any time, and hope to cooperate with your company for a long time!
welcome calls to negotiate!

is difficult to find materials, Xuan Li helps you!
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Contact:   Songxiaoli
Addr:       Kowloon Village Xiaojinkou town of Huicheng District of Huizhou City, Jiaxing City, No. 458 Zhejiang Chinese