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 Ji'nan start traffic facilities Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Our major is road engineering and traffic safety facilities. It is a company integrating production, sales, construction and installation. The company has a group of professional elite team and experienced construction team with professional knowledge. We will provide you with the most professional services and best products. Plastic transport products such as deceleration strip, barrier, guard pin, locker, reflector, marking strip, safety clothing, safety helmet, body sticker, corner guard, road pile, contour mark, warning belt, collision prevention bucket, etc. hardware products such as parking locks, post boxes, road gates, roadblocks, road posts, signs, spike, barrier, guard net, railings, parking stalls, car stops and other hardware transportation equipment; and electronic products, such as indication lights, signal lights, emergency lights, energy-saving lamps, intelligent gates, toll collection systems, solar signs, electronic monitoring, alarm devices, and other electronic transportation facilities. Our main products of the three main categories are: Rubber and plastic products - wide-angle lens.
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Contact:   Jia Wei
Addr:        Shandong Ji'nan Shandong Ji'nan 188 Lishan North Road No.