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Shenzhen Security Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in network video surveillance products. It is committed to improving and improving people's safety life through scientific and technological innovation, and growing steadily in the security industry with the spirit of "enterprising, pioneering and innovating". The company operates business, the clearest infrared surveillance camera, CCD network camera series, high-definition network camera series, third generation infrared array surveillance camera, network intelligent ball machine series, network video server. Since its inception, 0755-2916565218926422390 has gained rapid development in the domestic and foreign markets with its own technology and market expansion advantages and has been widely recognized inside and outside the industry. Among them, the Japanese surveillance security monitoring products are distinguished by the advantages of economic, practical, safe and reliable, comprehensive functions and novel appearance structure, and are well received by consumers in the field of security video surveillance. We are committed to "achieving customers' service, dedication to customer satisfaction and success, achievement of employees - respect, trust, and providing employees with a broader space" as the core, unremitting efforts to provide customers with the best quality products, efficient and speedy services, meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations. Based on the concept of "serving customers in good faith and building brand with quality", we will draw a blueprint for the future and strive to repay the society with excellent technology, high-quality products and perfect service.
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Contact:   Zhu Xiao Dong
Addr:        Guangdong Shenzhen Baoan Xixiang Xicheng Industrial Zone 18926422390