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 Shanxi Tianyi Power Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanxi Tianyi Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electric power safety tools in China's power industry, and maintenance and construction tools for Shanxi insulated shoes and power fittings. It integrates scientific research, development, production and sales as a whole. The company takes the power safety tools as the starting point, takes the "science and technology to develop enterprises" as the development principle, introduces high-tech talents, combines years of practical experience, guides the market as a guide, maintains close ties with many scientific research institutions and customers at home and abroad, and constantly develops and develops new products, and improves and perfected old products. New products such as safety (insulation) appliances, protective appliances, safety inspection instruments and so on, which are closely related to power safety production, are put forward. The company manufactures and sells labor protective equipment, security equipment, electronic equipment, high and low voltage isolating switches, wire and cable, hardware and electrical appliances, instrumentation, electrical equipment development, installation, inkjet and engraving. Our company also acts as domestic and foreign cash power fittings, high-altitude car and live working tools. Relying on advanced and reliable products, it enjoys a certain reputation in the national power system and large power equipment manufacturing enterprises. The company has strong strength and sound quality assurance system.
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Contact:   Ms. Li
Addr:        No. ten, No. eleven, Shanxi, Taiyuan, Jinyuan.