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Tai'an Tyco automatic control equipment Co., Ltd. is a Shandong dealer authorized by 3M company of the United States. It is committed to distributing 3M transportation products: traffic safety, automobile maintenance sheet metal spray, 3M China auto beauty, business logo; 3M electronics, power and communication products; industrial adhesive products: 3M double-sided adhesive tape, 3M single sided adhesive tape, VHB tape and other products sales business. The company insists on the genuine marketing route, and does not do fake goods and parallel imports. The company solemnly promises that the 3M products of the company will be punished by a penalty of ten. Integrity management, quality win. The company has its own warehouse and large inventory. If necessary, you can contact us and offer a large quantity of discount. Please communicate with us in advance so that our products can arrive at your hands in time and accurately. The company has a dedicated service hotline: 400-111-0538, absolutely able to provide you with the best quality service. You can also log on our company's official website to inquire about products: , our company adheres to the specialized route, has strong supplier support and accurate professional after-sales service. The company's technical personnel have extensive experience in the industry. Both technology and price can satisfy customers. "Customer demand is our motivation!" All members of the tech company look forward to your coming! The quality and price of our products will surely satisfy you.
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Contact:   Zhang
Addr:        Shandong Tai'an Taishan District Shandong Tai'an Taishan area Qingnian Road 28 Yintai Center 1059 room