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 Hubei international Huaxin four or five printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company has modern garment production line and special wide household textile production line, and can produce all kinds of colored cloth, printed cloth, simulation and home textile products. The annual production capacity is 90 million meters and annual sales income is 1 billion yuan. On the basis of the existing production capacity, the company is further accelerating the development and expanding the scale of enterprises. By the end of 12th Five-Year, the company's annual production capacity will reach 100 million meters and its output value will be 2 billion yuan. The company, adhering to the fine tradition of the military industry, protects the army for the people, actively cooperates with the development and testing work of the army's changing fabric, makes full use of the advantages of the provincial technology center, keeps pace with the market situation, develops new products continuously, and successively takes up the trial production task of the foreign military clothing fabrics, and has passed the strict ITS test. Camouflage products have been undertaking the customized production tasks of forest police, armed police, fire fighting, military, oil fields, hotels and so on. They have been praised as "trustworthy military products" enterprises, and have won the "national quality reputation double guarantee user satisfaction" brand. The company's production of infrared camouflage products, wear-resistant Woodland Camouflage twill, cotton sticky Printed Twill and Gao Naijing water pressure polyester cotton transfer printing cloth and other products, through the identification of new products, all performance indicators are in the leading domestic level. Among them, polyester cotton camouflage products have won the title of famous brand products in Hubei province. The "three defense" finishing of jincotton fabric has reached the US AATCC standard and won the "science and Technology Progress Award". The company is also one of the first three enterprises to certify the quality, environment and occupational safety and health in the national printing and dyeing industry. The company also has advanced finishing facilities and technologies, which can perform antibacterial, flame retardant, oil repellent, waterproof, antifouling, antistatic, mosquito repellent, thermal protection, anti wind, anti UV, wrinkle free, ironing, anti infrared night vision camouflage (camouflage) camouflage, multi-functional finishing and polishing and coating finishing. With advanced detection equipment, it can detect the internal and external quality of various physical and chemical indicators and cloth quality of the products, and set up a computer color measuring system, color matching system and color database, which can meet the needs of custom-made customers at home and abroad, and its products are deeply favored by customers both at home and abroad. The company has established a fast linkage mechanism for production, supply and marketing, and has strong supply and guarantee capabilities to meet the needs of customers. At the same time, while obtaining the highest cost performance and competitive advantage, the company will not forget the responsibility for the society and the environment. While ensuring the steady development of the enterprise, it will continuously expand the scale of production, accept laid-off workers and build a harmonious labor relationship. It has been awarded the "best unit of labor security" in Hubei for three consecutive years. The company has also conscientiously fulfilled its corporate social responsibility. In the Wenchuan earthquake relief activities, it has won the "5.12 advanced units for the emergency production of military materials for earthquake relief" awarded by the Ministry of military supplies and materials of the General Logistics Department of the PLA. In the production process, the use of green dyestuff dyes has been continuously explored to adopt a new energy-saving and environmental protection technology to reduce the discharge of printing and dyeing wastewater. All industrial waste water is filtered centrally and discharged to the sewage treatment and purification station through special pipelines, so as to minimize the environmental impact. With the spirit of professionality and enterprising spirit, the new four or five company is constantly improving itself and striving to forge ahead with the goal of "creating the strongest clothing, home textile printing and dyeing production base in Hubei, and building the most powerful camouflage printing and dyeing production base in China".
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Contact:   Song Yong Qiang
Addr:        No. 6, Yun Xing Road, Fancheng District, Xiangyang, Hubei.