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 Qingdao Hua Cai Mei Lian Digital Printing Co., Ltd. Brand
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Qingdao Hua Cai Mei Lian Digital Printing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in sublimation transfer printing equipment, consumables sales and processing. The company has gathered talents from all walks of life, and has a team of skilled, innovative, conscientious and responsible technicians. It has built up a perfect technology management and quality assurance system, and its service is faster and more professional. We are committed to promoting the integration of new concept textile digital printing technology and equipment industrial application programs. The core of the scheme is brand service. It is a good partner of clothing enterprises, trading companies, international trade companies, advertising companies, gift companies, bags and handbags companies. Main equipment: Japan Wuteng 901C, 900C, 1604 import printers, Mimaki jv33 import printers, domestic piezoelectric large format printers, phantom, sky color photo machine, etc. Main supplies: Korea inktec, ink-mate heat transfer ink, Italy Wan Linglong, J-teck heat transfer ink, domestic heat transfer ink (the first domestic imitation Korean ink, domestic price, import effect) and thermal transfer paper (made in China, Han Songzhi). I specializes in digital printing, sublimation transfer printing, pure cotton cutting, cloth printing, and so on. 印花业务: 服装面料印花类:(成衣印花、T恤印花、广告衫、工作服、时装、泳衣、泳裤、沙滩裤、运动服、自行车服); 纺织品印花类:(窗帘布、窗纱、沙发布、台布、浴帘及睡袋、羽绒被褥羽绒制品、靠垫、地垫、枕套、床单、床垫、床罩等床上用品);箱包皮具印花类:(手袋,箱包等材料印花) 汽车装饰用品:(靠垫、汽车座套、汽车窗帘、太阳挡、车罩等); 其他用品:无纺布、写真照片、工艺画、挂旗、风筝面料、眼镜布等涤纶印花面料,帽子,鞋材,鼠标垫等; 户外休闲用品:(遮阳伞、雨伞、遮阳蓬、沙滩椅、帐篷等); 我司印花技术优势: 1、生产速度快,缩短了工作与生产周期; 2、自由发挥创意,满足时尚个性化需求; 3、色彩丰富,图像清晰逼真,无手感; 4、色彩数量不受限制;复制长度不受限制; 5、绿色环保、降低污染; 6、手 Feel good and completely breathable 7, can be customized according to different requirements, patterns, materials, specifications.
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Contact:   Ji Gao Chao
Addr:        No. 168, No. two, Pearl River Road, Jimo, Qingdao, Shandong