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Our company specializes in various kinds of color problems, such as chromatic aberration, segment difference, color flower, color matching, white print, black and white stripes, fabric, yarn path, spinning, hole breaking and washing, etc. Our excellent technical strength and good reputation have been widely praised by our customers for their business objectives and guidelines. Business scope covers Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other long triangle areas. Service target: printing and dyeing plant, fabric factory, fabric supplier, clothing import and export company, clothing trade company, woven garment factory, knitted garment factory, garment washing plant, garment printing factory, garment embroidery factory and other related enterprises. Business item: after finishing the garment factory, 1. has found that the color difference between the front and rear parts, the side piece, the front door, the bag cover and other parts is different from the color difference between the front and rear sides, the shade of yin and Yang, the color difference between sides, the color difference of water, the white spots, the white spots, the white stripes and the poor printing and dyeing. 2. trimming the color problems caused by the washing process or other factors caused by the washing process (Niu Zai), such as chromatic aberration, color bar, uneven dyeing, color spots left on the clothes after washing, and pawl prints. 3. trimming the fabric itself has serious color difference, color spots, color bars, uneven dyeing, oil pollution and other color problems. 4. dressing fabric itself because of the color fastness is not enough, resulting in various decolorization, white and other problems. 5. trimming the fabric's fading and yellowing caused by exposure to sunlight or long term lighting, as well as the problem of decolorization, water marks and other problems caused by decontamination. 6. trimming the chromatic aberration of the garment caused by the color difference of the woolen garment, the aurora phenomenon caused by excessive blanching, the residue of the adhesive and lining, etc. 7. finishing embroidery factory because embroidery line and fabric is far apart, and due to embroidery caused by scratches, oil pollution caused by embroidery parts and clothing body color difference. 8. dyeing and finishing lace uneven dyeing, and large body fabrics far from the problem. 9. eliminates stubborn stains on clothing fabrics, including white fabrics. Colored yarn on 10. linen fabric can be dyed through dressing without changing film. 11. above problems will never fade through my company's finishing color.
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