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Foshan Gu Lihua Furniture Material Co., Ltd. Brand
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Foshan city Gu Lihua Furniture Material Co. Ltd,
    Foshan city Gu Lihua furniture materials Co., Ltd. is a large furniture business platform Rongsheng furniture material limited company to build on the basis of the main staple cotton rope, PVC, rubber belt, metal foot, nail gun, spring. With mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy, we will create a one-stop material procurement platform for customers.
    address: Longjiang Town, Shunde District of Foshan City Road 325 in Longjiang Feng long industrial zone
    sales: Shunde Longjiang town of Foshan city in Asia International Material Trading Center C District ranked No. 13  
    Tel: 13392296090
  & nbsp; QQ:292704156; E-mail:
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Contact:   Hehuihong
Addr:       Guangdong, Foshan, China, Shunde District, Foshan, Shunde District, Longjiang Town, Asia international furniture materials trading center, C District, No. 13 / Foshan Longjiang Town, Longshan material city, seat 1-3, No. 1-3.