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 Dongguan Hongxing packing material Co., Ltd. Brand
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Hongxing specializes in producing and selling various kinds of moisture-proof and mould resistant products. The products have been tested by SGS, MSDS, IQTC, CDGL and other relevant institutions. They conform to the EU ROHS and REACH, and do not contain banned substances cobalt chloride and two methyl fumarate and two methyl formamide. The company has the most advanced production equipment and testing instruments, has established the most advanced laboratory, and has become one of the largest desiccant manufacturers in China. Products not only sell well in the domestic market, but also exported to the United States, Spain, France, Italy and many other countries and regions. The company's main products are silica gel desiccant, montmorillonite desiccant, live ore desiccant, lime desiccant, deodorant, mildew proof tablets, gummed gummed paper and other environmental protection products. Its physical and chemical properties are stable, odorless, non-toxic, non corrosive, strong absorbability, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, handbags, shoes and hats, machinery, hardware, medicine, food, toys, home appliances, household products, handicrafts, wood products and other industries. "At a reasonable price, providing quality environmental products and services to customers" is the business philosophy of Hongxing. For this reason, Hongxing constantly introduces advanced technology and equipment and processes, expands production capacity, and ensures satisfying customers' rising requirements. With the support, concern and help of our customers, Hongxing enterprises have maintained a relatively fast growth rate in recent years. Hung Hing believes that in the future will continue to rely on its market position and positive sales strategy, and strive for excellence, management, Hongxing will create better results.
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Contact:   Li Jun Yong
Addr:        Guangdong Dongguan Huang Jiang Town, Tai Chi management area