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Our company specializes in the production of Yu Huang star multifunctional cleansing paste (200G, 300G, 380G): Factory electricity: 18638948144 18637210506 QQ:350995444 317341639 Yu Huang Xing - multifunctional Cleansing Cream (2012 preferred item for operators) Our company specializes in the production of Yu Huang star multifunctional cleansing paste (200G, 300G, 380G). Scope of operation: the whole country sincerely recruit OEM processing, OEM and other production, wholesale, group purchase, agent, franchise, retail, retail sales / wholesale, campus sales, store wholesale, department stores, personal sales, marketing company cooperation, exhibition marketing, shopping mall wholesale and other cooperation. Company website: QQ:350995444 317341639 Contact: Chen Xianwei manager mobile phone: 18638948144 18637210506 More preferences, wait for you, welcome to call and QQ consultation. [product features] One, clean water clean 1, without water, the items can be cleaned quickly and the advantages are obvious. Yu Huang Xing cleansing cream products come out, filling the blank of the anhydrous cleaning industry. 2, a lot of goods on the market are not suitable for washing, such as leather shoes, casual shoes, leather goods, leather bags, leather couches, leather chairs and so on; electrical appliances are not suitable for wet water, TV, refrigerator, notebook, computer, microwave oven, electrical switch, electrical equipment, electrical equipment, electrical equipment, telecommunication equipment, etc. Suitable for washing, such as furniture, beds, cabinets, desks and chairs, and some metal products are not suitable for washing. Two. Strong decontamination ability 1, the product uses the latest generation of high-tech achievements, the use of double the same industry's super concentration essence, decontamination effect is fast, and very clean. It is not easy to clean the products with ordinary cleaning products in many places. This product is recommended. Three. Multiple maintenance items 1. After cleaning with this product, invisible nano protective film will be formed to help reduce the dust coverage and reduce the degree of pollution again. 2, slow down the cracking, odor and mildew prevention of cortical products. 3, has a certain anti-static function, especially electrical appliances clean, safer, reduce the possibility of electrical damage caused by electrostatic short circuit.
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