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Hebei Jia Peng cashmere is located in Qinghe County, Hebei province. The county seat is located ten kilometers northbound. Jia Peng cashmere is a raw material, yarn and sales, mainly raccoon, mink, fox hair, cashmere, sheep lamb as the leading product, raccoon and mink raw materials sales accounted for more than 50% of the national total sales volume, coupled with many years of raw materials and yarn experience. As the saying goes: good cashmere spun yarn, no good raw materials, no longer able to spin out good yarn, with good yarn plus your hands, you will be able to weave our colorful life. Jia Peng cashmere provides users with the best quality raw materials and best service. We wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to discuss business and work together for common development.
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Contact:   Manager Zhao
Addr:        Hebei Xingtai Hebei Nangong section of the town economic development zone, cashmere cashmere