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The company has imported equipment such as Sulzer P7100, p7150 shuttle loom, German heavy loom, intelligent warping machine, British inkjet printer, roll inspection machine, etc. It implements strict scientific management and quality control on raw material testing, warping, weaving, preliminary inspection, cleaning, heat setting, inspection and delivery, so as to meet the user's requirements to the maximum extent: 8t-165t (20 mesh - 420 mesh). High tension mesh with uniform force and low elongation. Width: 115cm-365cm, specializing in the production of PA screen, pet mesh, screen cloth, filter screen, printing screen, printed circuit board screen, stainless steel printing screen, screen printing, screen printing, screen cloth, screen belt, conveyor belt, polyester mesh, nylon mesh, metal mesh, etc. It is mainly used in textile printing, printing and dyeing, circuit board, ceramic printing, signboard, PCB, CD printing and so on. It can also be used for filtration, filter gauze, filter cloth, filtration separation: coffee filter, water filter, dishwasher filter. Food industry filtration, etc. It has formed a high-grade, multi variety, multi specification, multi material product production series. The strict management of domestic sales network has formed a solid backing for the production and development of our company's products, so as to produce excellent products all over the country and continue to expand. The foreign trade development momentum is strong, which is exported to many countries in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa. It is widely used in printing, dyeing, breeding, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, automobile, construction, mining, coal, metallurgy, environmental protection, health protection, electronics, aerospace and other fields. Mobile phone of manager Liu 13167055889 QQ 1090025716
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Contact:   Liu Xiaopin
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