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Jia Yue plastic materials Co., Ltd. wholesale and retail: Engineering Plastics: PEEK, PVDF, PET, PPS, PEI, PSU, CPVC, PES, PPO, PETP, PBT, PETP, plate, rod, sheet, etc., all kinds of anti-static products: anti-static plate / rod, anti-static organic board, anti-static plate. Anti-static plate / rod, anti-static nylon plate / rod synthetic slate. Insulation materials: Taiwan red, black electric plank, cold scour punch plate, phenolic laminated cloth bar, heat insulation board, epoxy glass fiber rod board, epoxy board (FR-4) asbestos board, etc. Huang Chu Cheng [mobile phone [13728887370] telephone [0755-23446665] QQ [191332393] the company was founded in 2006, in line with the "people-oriented, service the public" purpose, continuous efforts and innovation, won the high praise of customers; the company is a general taxpayer. There are a wide variety of operations. Specifications are complete. Stock is sufficient. Standard. Super thick. Super large bar. Plate material is our expertise to meet the needs of users. Our company has large warehouses and distribution centers in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. Home delivery. Welcome new and old customers to inquire about regional management. In the new twenty-first Century, our company will continue to work hard to provide better service for the new and old customers and create brilliance with all of you.
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Contact:   Huang Chu Cheng
Addr:        Guangdong Shenzhen Baoan District Longhua 168 Long Guan Road