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Hong Hai Machinery (Wenzhou Hong Hai ultrasonic machinery), founded in 2003, is a long history and long-term focus on the field of ultrasonic mechanical equipment. It is a professional R & D and manufacturing company integrating plastic welding machine, plastic welding machine, garment making, sewing and cutting machinery and equipment. That is, professional technology, manufacturing all kinds of ultrasonic equipment, supply customers from all over the world to melt ABS, P and other plastic products, sewing lace cloth, accessories and other purposes. The customer base is in electrical, household goods, stationery, toys, cosmetic boxes, packaging, auto parts, garment processing, jewelry and other industries. The company operates from pre-sale technical services, computer design, mechanical mold manufacturing, trial molds to after-sales service, operates in a consistent way of operation, and has customers in various Asian countries such as mainland, Malaysia, Thailand and India, and exported to Europe and the United States. Because of its good quality and good credit, it can greatly enhance customer productivity and is well received by all circles.
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Contact:   Ren Hong
Addr:        Zhejiang Wenzhou Longwan District Longwan District Pu Zhou Town No. 142