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Please identify the "Qi Hong" microcomputer belt cutting machine to guard against counterfeiting. The "Hong" automatic belt cutting machine provides you with all kinds of cutting automation, technology leadership and quality first. Products are widely used in electronics, electronics, electrical conductivity, laminating, handbags, packaging, bags, leather goods, footwear, weaving, apparel and other special industries. Features: This machine adopts microcomputer numerical control device, setting the length, quantity control, accuracy, loss, simple operation, time saving and labor saving. 1 uses: suitable for webbing, color band, nylon belt, knitting belt, textile belt, elastic belt, buckle belt, safety belt, PP belt, plastic belt, zipper, cotton yarn... And so on. The cutting knife and the heating device can be used for heating and consolidating the ribbon incision without producing burrs. 2: it is suitable for silica gel, mica, nickel, Mylar, FPC soft plate substrate, protective film, PE, PVC, leather, PVCD film, copper / aluminum foil, bushing, heat shrinkable bushing, PVC bushing, Tie Fulong casing, glass fiber, PVC tube, infusion pipe, paper, insulating paper, adhesive paper, double-sided tape, PVC tape, electrode, small wire, cable, plastic cloth, abrasive cloth, conductive cloth, conductive foam...... And so on, such as cutting, slicing, punching, die-cutting and splitting. Clipping patterns: right angle, oblique angle, fillet, irregular shape.
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