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Chongqing vibration equipment is Foshan Vibration Machinery Co. Ltd. subsidiary vibration machinery factory was founded in 2000, specializing in the production of high frequency, high frequency machine, blister packing machine, plastic welding machine, ultrasonic machine, shrink machine, folding machine, high frequency mold, bakelite mold, tube (tube) the resistance, capacitance,, positioning pin (copper nail) and machine and mold parts, the plastic welding machine, welding machine, leather embossing machine. High frequency machines, clothing leather embossed with high-frequency machine, high frequency heat sealing machine, high frequency embossing machine. Blister packaging machine, lighting package for plastic machine, high zhouboji. Auto wrapping machine, blister packing machine, high frequency machine, high frequency machine. Enterprise to develop welding equipment for leading the welding equipment: high frequency plastic welding machine (the machine is suitable for plastic and plastic cover Cover the welding, welding of various PVC embossing, embossed leather, synthetic leather, footwear accessories, motorcycle cushion, soft and hard film, all kinds of fine stationery, toys, plastic boxes, PVC soft line indentation single sided blister packaging) and ultrasonic plastic welding (ISO hard plastic welding), blister packaging machine (blister sealing and the cards), hot pressing machine, high frequency machine, high frequency heat sealing machine, shrink packaging machine. The machine has the enterprise to all sales customer service service, machine accessories such as: electronic tube, capacitor, resistor, transformer, rectifier, diode, block (high frequency oscillation barrels barrels), heat tape, copper screw, fever such as machine and tooling accessories are on sale. The ability of manufacturing enterprises with standard type and special type, engineering and technical personnel for different users to make the best allocation of the production process to maintain consistent and rigorous pragmatic style, constantly design breakthrough and progress, so that the user can receive the highest economic efficiency in all aspects. In addition, enterprises with mold department, with excellent imported mold material, can according to the model, all kinds of mold design drawings. The production of the mold with high frequency mould, plastic bakelite mold, ultrasonic mould, high frequency voltage mode; according to all kinds of models to achieve the best matching, the lowest degree of reduced loss. The enterprise has the professional personnel equipment maintenance and maintenance all year round, and promises the equipment "one year warranty, life-long maintenance!" Welcome to inquire and negotiate. Contact number: 023-41778155 contact: Li Biao 15334515158 website: QQ:88198618 Chongqing address: No. 7 Corelle Road, Bishan County, Bishan, 90, attached to the right side of the wetland park.
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Addr:       No. 7, No. 7, Corelle Road, wall Spring Street, Bishan County, Bishan (right on the right of Wetland Park)