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Shenzhen Hao Peng washing equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. It is a washing equipment manufacturer specializing in the production, sale and service of washing equipment. Key management personnel are engaged in washing equipment design, production, sales and customer service service work more than ten years, has rich experience and good engineering background, at the same time with the domestic and foreign counterparts to establish friendly and cooperative relations widely, it can more timely access to the latest industry information industry leading design and production high quality washing equipment. The company can provide from the laundry consulting, design, installation and debugging to the customer service service and a series of high standard of professional service; it can provide customized products for customer service, to provide personalized services tailored for the different needs of customers, to maximize meet customer needs. The purpose of the company is "advanced design, high quality components, excellent service". In the past ten years, our company has been adhering to the user demand as the core and focused on the washing service industry. At the same time, in 2003, Songgang CITIC fur company co entered the fur degreasing industry. Company can provide customers with more high-quality fur degreasing and dry cleaning machine in the new area, both in technology and in the process are in constant innovation and improvement, from the beginning of the fur degreasing machine to mechanical self loading and self unloading type large fur degreasing machine technology innovation by the current; start the ordinary dry cleaning machine to fur clothing dry cleaning machine of professional technical innovation, the company is the actual results. The company not only provides high cost performance Washing products, but also provide customers with high quality and timely service. The company's heart of service has won the trust and praise of many cooperative enterprises, and in the fur skimming industry also gradually set up a good brand of the company. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with our customers. Hao Peng Chi, One aims for the far-off future. Yuan Haopeng's service can make you happy! Shenzhen Hao Peng washing equipment Co., Ltd. - professional manufacturer of fur degreasing equipment
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Contact:   Du Qin
Addr:       Guangdong Shenzhen Baoan District Guangming New District Gongming Street West Ring Road No. 30