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New River East thousand red star brush factory in Hebei Province Brand
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Hebei province New River County East thousand star brush factory was founded in 1990, is a local Brushmaking earlier, from the original manual brush, to the number of computer now control brush, after ten years of production experience, has made a qualitative leap, I plant to the quality of service, establish a good the corporate image, excellent quality to win the trust of our customers. Brush production is mainly used in steel, metallurgy, glass, building materials, hardware, electronics, plastics, packaging, printing, textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, shoes, leather, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, metal, casting, shipbuilding, timber, furniture, tobacco, food, beverages, fruits, vegetables, and sanitation sewage, cars, doors and windows, car washing industry machinery brush supporting. The main materials for the production of brushes are stainless steel, carbon steel, seamless steel tube, PVC plate, PP bar, plastic pipe, rubber, nylon, etc. The bristles are: PP, PA, PET, 1010, 610, 612, Du Bangsi, carbon fiber, steel wire, copper wire, abrasive wire, stainless steel wire, Mexico imported sisal (Bai Zong), bristle, wool, horsehair, palm etc.. "Honesty" is the base "Innovation" is the source of survival "Quick" is a win-win result We will develop with better service and higher reputation with new and old friends.
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Contact:   Macunyan
Addr:       No. 166, East thousand North Street, New River, Hebei, Xingtai, Hebei