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 Suzhou Bai an labor protection supplies Co., Ltd. Brand
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Suzhou City Bai an labor insurance products Co., Ltd. is located in Jinchang District, Suzhou, located at 202 East Building, 1200 Jinmen Road, with convenient transportation. It is a limited liability company specializing in the production and sale of all kinds of labor protection products and industrial safety protection products (natural person investment or holding). Products are suitable for industrial, mechanical, metallurgical, chemical, power, electronics, oil and food production. Safety protection for different types of work in construction, installation and various heavy industries. The company mainly produces and sells all kinds of gloves, and also sells a series of labor protection products such as head, ear, eye, hand and respiratory tract. The distribution brands include: TOWA in Japan, 3M in the United States, Dyer tower in France (DELTA), BACOU, and other well-known safety protection products at home and abroad. The company has its own production base for processing gloves and work clothes, and its products are in line with China's national industry standards. With the aim of "customer first and good faith management", we have gained some popularity in the industry. We not only provide quality products that meet national standards, but also provide users with quality services. 经营产品及功能简介 安全鞋:防静电、防晒、防穿刺、防滑、耐油、耐酸碱、防化靴、电绝缘、耐高温防护安全鞋等 头部防护:防护面罩、防护眼镜、焊接面罩、工作帽、及各种材质制作的安全帽 耳、眼部防护:洗眼器、耳罩、耳塞等听力保护产品 呼吸防护:各种过滤防毒面具(全面罩、半面罩)、防尘口罩、消毒口罩、呼吸器、呼吸急救设备等 防护手套:浸塑手套、牛皮手套、耐高温手套、焊接手套、防割手套、消防手套等 防护服:防化服、隔热服、防静电服、防酸碱、防寒服、荧光服、一般涤卡工作服(外套与马甲)、雨衣等 高空防坠:安全带、坠落制动器、各种安全绳、抓绳器、安全钩连接件及多种救援装置 气体检测:各种气体检测仪器 化学泄漏防护:吸收棉,针对化工、石油、食品等行业的泄漏防护 苏州市百安劳保用品有限公司经销的手套 There are a wide variety of work clothes and reasonable prices. Suzhou Bai an labor insurance products Co., Ltd. has strong strength, pays attention to credit, keeps contracts, and guarantees product quality. It has won the trust of our customers with the principle of multi variety management and small profits and quick turnover.
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Contact:   Ma Jun
Addr:        Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, Jiangsu, Suzhou, Jinchang District, Jinmen Road, Suzhou, 1200 East Building, Room 202